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2014-15 Leadership Transition Program

Program Overview: The Leadership Transition Program (LTP) is designed to prepare participants to assume leadership roles in the future by developing leadership competencies through a combination of formal classroom training, experiential learning, and online learning. Through this program, participants will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to function in a leadership capacity and increase their effectiveness in their current positions. Through focused learning activities, participants will apply leadership strategies to address real-world workplace issues, and will learn to function both individually and collaboratively to achieve goals. This program utilizes the blended learning approach to developing leadership competencies.

Program Objectives: After completing this program, participants should be able to:
- Describe the leadership competencies developed by learning activities;
- Apply effective leadership strategies to day-to-day task completion;
- Leverage networks/relationships to achieve organizational goals; and,
- Understand the role of collaboration in achieving organizational goals.

Target Audience: The program targets permanent DOE headquarters employees at the GS-11 through GS-13 grade levels. The program accepts approximately 20 participants during each program cycle. These individuals have various backgrounds and work in different career fields across DOE.

Tuition Cost: Program tuition is $3,000, and is the responsibility of the participant’s organization.
All training will be held in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Program Cycle: LTP is a one-year program that will begin on April 21, 2014. Selectees will complete a pre-assessment prior to the program kick-off session that begins on April 21.

Nomination Procedures for DOE Headquarters Employees:
Step 1:
Employees must coordinate their application package through their training coordinator and supervisor.
Step 2: Tuition instructions and payment methods for the LTP:
All applicants must register for the LTP using the Corporate Human Resource Information System (CHRIS) training process. Please enroll using the following CHRIS course code and session number: Course # 000577, Session # 0006.

1) For payments methods outside of the DOE Working Capital Fund (WCF), please submit an SF-182 and include the tuition cost in the appropriate section of the form.
2) Organizations can use their WCF Accounts for payment of the LTP. Please contact your organization’s WCF Program Manager for approval. If approved, do not include the tuition cost in that section, instead type “WCF TRAIN” to indicate the correct billing method.
Step 3: Submit vetted approved application materials via e-mail to Shawn Mason or mail to:
Shawn Mason Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer, Office of Learning and Workforce Development, Suite 4E-084/Forrestal Building, 1000 Independence Ave, S.W., Washington, DC 20585