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Summary Minutes of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Public Meeting on October 12, 2011

SEAB members heard opening remarks from Chairman Perry and Secretary Chu. Secretary Chu gave a presentation on DOE in the innovation chain. Following Secretary Chu’s opening session was a “Director’s Perspective” from George Miller, LLNL Director. Dr. Miller’s presentation was followed by presentations from LLNL on the National Ignition Facility (NIF), cyber security, and computational advances in applied energy. Following the lab presentations, the Board heard updates from the Natural Gas Subcommittee and the Building Efficiency Subcommittee. The last session of the meeting was an update on the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future from Tim Frazier. After the public comment period, Dr. Perry adjourned the meeting.

The discussion followed the issues presented in the meeting agenda. Secretary Chu gave the bulk of his remarks in his opening, so he did not give a separate presentation just prior to the lunch break. Aside from that change, the timing is as outlined in the meeting agenda.