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Alignment: Achieving Management & Operational Excellence

Secretary Chu released the DOE Strategic Plan in May 2011, which established a vision for transformational clean energy, science, and security solutions that are significant, timely, and cost effective.  Successfully achieving this vision will require a sustained commitment to management and operational excellence from Headquarters to every site office, service center, and laboratory or production facility. 

To help realize the Management and Operations goal within the DOE Strategic Plan, Secretary Chu established the Associate Deputy Secretary (ADS) position in February 2011.  In support of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, the Associate Deputy Secretary drives improvements in mission execution and assures that they are efficiently and effectively implemented throughout the Department.

Focused on the safe and secure mission execution, results/actions are tracked via 52 Measures of Performance aligned with the Department’s Strategic plan.  The attached document contains detail on the Department's efforts to achieve management and operational excellence.