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4-17-12 SEAB Meeting Minutes

Chairman Perry thanked the Secretary for his leadership and dedication to the Advisory Board. He noted the current Presidential term is coming to an end and with a new term, there could be changes to SEAB. He asked that the Committee keep this in mind and put all of its energy into making useful and complete recommendations by the end of this first term with the hope of carrying on the work over the next year. The Chairman noted a need for a summing up of what the Committee has done and what it is that can still be achieved to leave a legacy that the Committee, the Secretary, and the country can be proud of.

The Chairman highlighted three areas he felt were important for the Committee to address and what the Committee had already done in these areas. The first is reducing the demand for energy. The second is increasing the supply. And the third is a systems analysis of how U.S. energy strategy affects important national goals: security, economy, and the global environment.