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Departmental Workforce

Each program office within the Department is expected to set an example to its employees that diversity is a departmental priority, and work collaboratively to develop comprehensive diversity programs. Our office measures success in its effectiveness in aiding the disadvantaged in finding opportunities at the Energy Department and in other Federal programs. Through extensive research and close partnerships, we have been able to specifically target barriers to minorities and execute strategies to overcome them. We see ourselves as a model of how diversity positively impacts the Department, and we seek to provide a unique, cutting-edge quality to the Department.

Federal Employees

Our Office of Diversity Programs recognizes that our mission's scope requires that the Department adopt diversity as a core function in conducting business, and have a diverse and engaged workforce that is fully leveraged to meet its mission. Secretary Chu has developed a set of initiatives for 2011 - click here to learn more.

The Office of Civil Rights processes complaints of unlawful employment discrimination filed by employees of, and applicants for, employment with the Energy Department, including counseling employees, investigating and resolving complaints, preparing cases for hearing before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and issuing final department decisions. For Federal employees located at the Department's various Field sites, the Office has delegated some stages of the complaint processing responsibility to the Field Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Programs Managers. If you're an employee who needs to file a complaint or learn more, email or call us at (202) 586-2218. Check out our site for more information.

Contractor Employees

A substantial portion of the mission of the Energy Department is performed by operating and onsite service contractors. Individuals who work for operating and onsite service contractors are not employees of the Energy Department. Rather, they are employees of the particular operating or onsite service contractor that hired them.

While the Department requires its contractors to establish and implement affirmative action programs, complaints of discrimination involving contractor employees or applicants are not processed within the Department. By virtue of Executive Order 11246 (30 Fed. Reg. 11319, September 26, 1965), the Department of Labor is responsible for processing complaints filed by contractor employees. Written complaints which allege discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or veteran status at contractor facilities are referred to the regional office of the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs that covers the contractor site involved. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, as appropriate, transmits complaints filed with it to the cognizant office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  If you're a contractor who needs to file a complaint or learn more, email or call us at (202) 586-2218. Check out our site for more information.