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October 7, 2015
The SEED Coalition is inspiring young minds with STEM activities that teach energy literacy. Here students visit Washington, DC to tour the Smithsonian.
SEED Initiative Aims to Increase Energy Education in Low-Income Communities

Increasing energy literacy across the nation and around the world is a vital ingredient in the Energy Department’s strategy to achieve a global clean energy economy. By helping America make smarter energy choices, we all win.

August 31, 2015
Bridging Energy and Climate Literacy

Washington D.C., August 20, 2015. The Organization of American States and the Department of Energy of the United States of America signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster information exchange and collaboration to educate future generations regarding the principles of sustainable energy and energy efficiency practices

August 25, 2015
A group of students gets a tour of the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Lab as part of the My Brothers Keeper Initiative. | Photo courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
My Brother’s Keeper Visits the National Labs

The Energy Department & the National Labs are partnering with the My Brother's Keeper Initiative to inspire young people to pursue science, engineering, technology and math or STEM fields.

August 24, 2015
A Mentoring Table at the West Palm Beach STEM Cafe
Exploring STEM in Florida

Check out the latest STEM Mentoring Cafe in West Palm Beach, Florida held on July 29, 2015. The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is a national association of energy professionals and was key in mentoring at this event.

July 27, 2015
Aerial view of STEM Mentoring Café table in Chicago: Photo Courtesy of Argonne National
STEM Café Hits the Midwest

The STEM Mentoring Café series has hit the road and was in Chicago on May 16, 2015.

June 30, 2015
Join the Call: One Million Hours of STEM Volunteer Service

America’s ability to meet the demands of its energy future depends on having a trained, dedicated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce.

June 26, 2015
Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall speaks at her swearing-in ceremony. | Energy Department Photo.
Deputy Secretary Sherwood-Randall Joins Our Women @ Energy Series

Deputy Secretary Sherwood-Randall joins our Women @ Energy series -- which now has over 250 profiles of inspiring women at the Department of Energy.

June 19, 2015
Girls from the Tampa Public Housing Authority participated in a hands-on activity at the Museum of Science and Industry. | Energy Department photo.
Launching STEM Careers through Exposure and Exploration

As part of our series of STEM Mentoring Cafes, a group of 40 girls from the Tampa Public Housing Authority met with scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians at the Museum of Science and Industry on June 13, 2015.

May 8, 2015
Pamela Richmond is one of a vast array of inspiring mothers at the Department of Energy. | Department of Energy photo.
#WomenInSTEM: Moms Who Inspire

The Department of Energy celebrates Mother's Day by recognizing some of the moms making a difference at the Energy Department and at home.

April 15, 2015
Five Facts About the Gender Pay Gap

Over the past century, American women have made tremendous strides in increasing their labor market experience and their skills. On Equal Pay Day, however, we focus on a stubborn and troubling fact: Despite women’s gains, a large gender pay gap still exists.