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Office of River Protection Women-Owned Small Business Contractor Receives One-Year Extension

December 19, 2012 - 10:33am


Richland - - The Energy Department's Office of River Protection announced the contract for Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International Inc. (ATL) has been extended for a second one-year option.  ATL, a women-owned small business, will continue to provide analytical services and testing work at the Hanford Site 222-S Laboratory through January 2, 2014.

“ORP values ATL’s performance and commitment to safety,” said Ellen Mattlin, Tank Farm Programs Division Director.  “DOE appreciates the technical and management capabilities demonstrated by the ATL workforce.”

The 222-S complex includes a 70,000-square-foot laboratory and several support buildings in the 200 West Area in central Hanford.  It has 11 hot cells for handling and analyzing radioactive samples.

The work ATL performs is an important part of ORP’s strategy for retrieving and treating Hanford’s tank waste.  The analyses are needed to determine the constituents in the waste and maintain control of the chemistry of waste stored in underground tanks.

In 2008, this woman-owned small business received its first Energy Department Voluntary Protection Program STAR status, which is the highest level of recognition available in the Energy Department’s safety program.  This was the first time an Energy Department small-business prime contractor won this honor. In 2011, ATL earned this elite award a second time.

ATL was awarded the contract in 2010, for a two-year base period, with three one-year extension options.  The Hanford analytical and testing service contract is valued at $72.4M.