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Excellence in Celebrating Small Business: Meet the Woman who Runs our Small Business Awards Program

August 1, 2012 - 11:31am


At the Department of Energy, we are committed to supporting small and disadvantaged businesses. You can see this commitment through the various programs created within the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, which is a part of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity.  Small businesses are an extremely important and valuable asset to our country. With this in mind, the Department of Energy created the Annual Secretarial Small Business Awards Program to recognize the outstanding work of small and disadvantaged businesses in furthering the mission of the Department. Anita Anderson has been in charge of the awards program for the last four years.

Anita has worked with the Department of Energy for 15 years. She began her work here in the Office of Fossil Energy as a Program Analyst. Before making her way to the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, she participated in DOE’s 2005/2006 Leadership Transition Program and spent time working in the Office of General Council , Office of Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer. Anderson joined the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity in 2009 as an Acquisition Specialist and has been a tremendous asset to the team.

With a professional background as a Program Manager, Anita was the perfect person to take over the responsibilities of planning and overseeing the Annual Small Business Conference and the Secretarial Small Business Awards Program. She has been responsible for ensuring that every aspect of both the conference and awards program was thoroughly executed. Anita has completely revamped the awards program and continues to find new ways to honor the winners and highlight the accomplishments of their businesses.

Anita, along with Gary Lyttek of the National Nuclear Security Administration, co-chairs the awards program. She is adamant about making sure that the winners are chosen fairly and objectively. She has implemented a clearly defined set of rules and regulations for nominations and the review of those submissions. Anita is also credited with updating the nomination, review, and voting aspects of the awards program to an online experience. It has increased the efficiency of the process and has also cut down on costs associated with printing and mailing materials. This year’s awards program was held at the Department of Energy’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Secretary Chu and other senior leadership at the Department attended the event and publically recognized the work of the small businesses.

We applaud Anita Anderson for her dedication to working with small businesses and ensuring they are afforded professional opportunities with the Department.  We also commend her for leading the Department’s efforts in properly recognizing and showing gratitude for the amazing work that each winner has contributed to the Department of Energy and its mission.