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Office of Economic Impact & Diversity

1000 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20585

Phone:  (202) 586-8383   Fax:  (202) 586-3075

Office of the Director 

The Honorable LaDoris 'Dot' Harris, Director

Andre H. Sayles, Ph.D., Principal Deputy Director

Mékell Mikell, Senior Advisor to the Director, website and communications contact

Ta'Nica Thomas, Special Assistant to the Director

R. Pittman, Administrative Support Specialist

J. Chris Ford, Ph.D, Technical Advisor to the Director (contractor)

Jody TallBear-Cabrera, Strategic Initiatives and Policy Advisor, Acting

John Shea, Resource Management Specialist

Office of Minority Education and Community Development 

Annie Whatley, Deputy Director, Office of Minority Education and Community Development

Jamie Scipio, Program Analyst

Chester Scott, Program Analyst

Amanda Quiñones, Program Analyst

Teresa A. Watts, Administrative Specialist

Shirley Jones, Administrative Assistant

Office of Minority Business and Economic Development 

Karen Atkinson, Acting Deputy Director, Office of Minority Business and Economic Development

Office of Civil Rights 

Main Phone: (202) 586-8383; Fax: (202) 586-3075

Neil Schuldenfrei, Deputy Director, Office of Civil Rights

Frank Vaccarella, Senior Attorney Advisor

Sharon Wyatt, Attorney Advisor

Pat Zarate, Attorney Advisor

Amber Haggins, Attorney Advisor

Jeffrey Tansimore, Attorney Advisor

Daniel Broehl, Program Analyst

Patrice Carthern, Administrative Support Specialist 

Derek Andrews (contractor)

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Michael Colbert, Deputy Director

Gloria Smith, Senior Program Analyst