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Shane Johnson - Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Innovation

Shane Johnson

Mr. Johnson serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Innovation in the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE). He has held numerous senior management positions within NE including: Chief Operating Officer; Acting Director for the Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology; Deputy Director for Technology; Associate Director for Advanced Nuclear Research; and Associate Director for Technology and International Cooperation.

Mr. Johnson has been instrumental in launching several Department of Energy initiatives authorized by the nuclear energy provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, including the Nuclear Power 2010 program and the Standby Support/Risk Insurance incentives, which encourage the near-term deployment of nuclear power in the U.S. In addition to these activities, Mr. Johnson has overseen mid- and longer term nuclear R&D activities, including the Next Generation Nuclear Plant, as well as the development of critical R&D capabilities necessary to support nuclear R&D, especially at the Idaho National Laboratory. These activities have focused on moving the U.S. closer to the vital national goal of energy security.

Mr. Johnson has been responsible for the Department's national and international civilian nuclear energy technology development programs including development of next-generation reactor and fuel cycle technologies, nuclear-assisted hydrogen generation systems, and support of the Nation's university nuclear engineering programs and research reactors. He has negotiated and finalized multiple international research and development agreements on behalf of the U.S. government, including several very successful bi-lateral International Nuclear Energy Research Initiative agreements.

Mr. Johnson served as the U.S. representative to the Generation IV International Forum and was instrumental in expanding membership of the intergovernmental forum to include China and Russia during his 2005-2006 chairmanship. Mr. Johnson has also served as Co-Chair of the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Energy Working Group and was instrumental in the normalization of nuclear cooperation with India.

Mr. Johnson has over 20 years of project management and engineering experience in both government and private industry. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Johnson was a 2006 recipient of the Presidential Rank Award - recognized for his exceptional leadership, long-term accomplishments, and consistent demonstration of strength, integrity, industry, and commitment to excellence in public service.