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DOE Cybersecurity Awareness Program

The OCIO supports a variety of cybersecurity awareness activities that impress upon DOE employees the importance of cybersecurity and the adverse consequences of its failure.  The primary purpose of awareness activities is to enhance the 'general awareness and understanding' of current cyber threats and recommended mitigations as well as to cultivate a computing environment where cybersecurity behaviors and responses are automatic and consistent.  Given the fact that general users are a primary target for malicious cyber activity, it is critical that users have the basic understanding of cybersecurity best practices and policies to immediately and consistently react to cyber incidents.

The Cybersecurity Awareness and Training (CSAT) Program team coordinates cyber awareness campaigns throughout the fiscal year.  These campaigns are themed events and typically provide users with a variety of informational resources and/or presentations that address cybersecurity at home and at work. The team also develops and publishes cyber awareness material that reiterates either a current cyber theme or addresses an emerging threat or new security practice.  Awareness materials and resources can include:

  1. Organized activities such as seminars, guest speakers, etc.
  2. Posters
  3. Newsletters
  5. Informational Flyers
  6. Blue box media messages
  7. Blogs
  8. Games
  9. Videos
  10. Specific campaign material (e.g., bookmarks, calendars, postcards, etc.)

This section of the warehouse provides access to campaign-specific and adhoc awareness material as well as general campaign information that an organization might find helpful when developing internal cyber awareness campaigns.  All material is free for download to any individual or organization involved with implementing awareness campaigns for their workforce or general user base.