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IT Quality Assurance

Quality, error-free work holds down costs. Avoiding mistakes and rework saves valuable time, effort, and materials. Quality assurance provides the mechanisms for paying close attention to details so that tasks are completed correctly and accurately every step of the way. A quality assurance role should be established for all projects.

Software Quality Assurance Plan Example (pdf)

An example of a software quality assurance plan developed from an actual DOE project SQA plan based on DOE G 200.1-1A, Software Engineering Methodology.

Structured Walkthrough Training and Guidance (pdf)

Classroom or individual project team training and materials on how to conduct structured walkthroughs (peer review of products/code). This process guide describes how to conduct a structured walkthrough during the lifecycle stages of software engineering development and maintenance projects, regardless of hardware or software platform.

In-Stage Assessments (pdf)

Provides guidance on conducting an In-Stage Assessment. (ISA). An ISA is an independent review of a project's processes, work products, and deliverables, conducted in all stages of the software development and maintenance lifecycle.

Automated Office Systems Support (AOSS) Quality Assurance Model (pdf)

A quality assurance model, including checklists, for activity relative to network and desktop computer support.

Preparation for a Software Quality Audit, SQAS (pdf)

This document will enable a site to prepare for a software quality audit by providing specific guidance. It will also provide guidance to a site that would enable it to perform a software quality audit.

Planning for a Software Process Assessment, SQAS (pdf)

This report presents a guide for how to plan for a software assessment and how to use the assessment results to guide process improvement. It defines the steps associated with conducting a successful assessment and identifies the framework needed to establish a successful process improvement program. The assessment methodology is based upon the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) software process assessment.

Software Quality Assurance Control of Existing Systems, SQAS (pdf)

Existing software systems often represent significant investments and play important roles in the every day businesses of organizations. To meet current and future operational needs, organizations need to plan how best to address these support issues. Some of the issues to consider are presented in this document with references to related standards for further detailed examination. Two tutorials, one based on software maintenance and another detailing a baseline recovery strategy are included.