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IT Project Management Certification

Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM)

The revised program is designed to strengthen civilian agency Program and Project Managers to improve program outcomes, and reflects the need to improve the management of high-risk, high-impact programs. The revised FAC-P/PM program went into effect on March 31, 2014, and is governed by the December 16, 2013 OFPP memo on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM).

The following memorandum governs the Federal Acquisition Certification program:

OMB Requirement
Having skilled, competent and professional program and project managers is essential to the success of the critical agency missions.  Establishing rigorous professional development requirements will better position the Department of Energy for success in its efforts to acquire and manage IT goods and services. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in a continuing effort to strengthen accountability for information technology (IT) expenditures stated in a memo dated December 16, 2013, “Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM)” all Federal project managers must be FAC-P/PM certified at the appropriate level, as determined by their agency.  All IT project managers must acquire the FAC-P/PM-IT specialty certification for projects requiring Mid or Senior level achievement. 

Initial Planning
In response, the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Management developed a curriculum and process to provide a framework for certifying DOE Federal project managers as having the qualifications necessary to manage DOE projects. Per the OMB guidelines, the project manager qualification process is aligned with the OMB guidelines for qualifying Federal IT project managers. IT project managers are expected to achieve and demonstrate baseline skills in applicable competency areas, whether through on-the-job training, formal education and training, or previous work experience.  Details of the certification are available at the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) website at

What are the requirements for each level?
FAC-P/PM Entry/Level 1:

For qualification at FAC-P/PM Entry/Level 1, the candidate must have successfully completed:

•             Project Management Essentials (001022 or DOE OLC/70) or PMP certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI)

•             Managing Contract Changes (002108)

•             Earned Value Management System (001026 or DOE OLC/21)

•             Have one (1) year within the last five (5) years of project management experience

FAC-P/PM Mid/Level 2:

For qualification at FAC P/PM Mid/Level 2, the candidate must have met the requirements for IT Level 1 Qualification and successfully completed:

•             Cost and Schedule Estimation and Analysis (001044)

•             Project Management  Simulation (001029)

•             Scope Management Baseline Development (001036)

•             Leadership through Effective Communication (002366)

•             Have two (2) years within the last (5) years of project management experience

FAC P/PM Senior/Level 3:

For qualification at FAC P/PM Senior/Level 3, the candidate must have met the requirements for the IT Level 2 Qualification and successfully completed:

•             Executive Communications (001029)

•             Advanced Earned Value Management Techniques (002689)

•             Advanced Risk Management (001042)

•             Program Management and Portfolio Analysis (001025)

•             Have four (4) years within the last ten (10) years of project management experience with at least one year in a Federal program or project 

FAC P/PM-IT Specialty Certificate:

For qualification for the FAC P/PM-IT specialty certificate, the candidate must have met the requirements for the FAC P/PM Mid/Level 2 and Senior/Level3 certification and successfully completed additional specialty training.

Note:  This is a one-time certificate given to those who have achieved the Mid/Level 2 certification, and is carried forward to Senior/Level 3 certification.