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Timesharing Agreements

The Acquisition Management Division (IM-13) leads the teleprocessing services program which is a centrally managed Headquarters program and voluntary to the field offices to gain the advantages of reducing administrative overhead, obtaining more favorable rates and discounts, and providing resources variety to meet user needs.  We maintain and are responsible for all acquisition, utilization, and administration of commercial timesharing services.  Teleprocessing is utilized when they are the most effective and economical means of satisfying the needs of the program, function, or administrative activity being supported.  This program currently saves the Department over $2.4M a year through voluntary field support and contract considerations.

This listing describes selected commercial and resource sharing teleprocessing services for which contracts have been negotiated by DOE; these services have potential application to two or more DOE sites. Personnel who have the responsibility for obtaining teleprocessing services support may use this document as a reference when a requirement cannot be supported by onsite automated data processing (ADP) services. References to this listing may eliminate duplication of effort and increased costs by enabling a new requirement to be added to an existing contract.

If you have any specific service questions, please contact the Departmental Teleprocessing Services Program (TSP) Coordinator, Diane McDonough  or Ann Edwards

Ordering Information
Brief description of what information is needed when requesting timesharing services and a link to order forms.

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