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Enterprise-Wide Agreements

DOE's Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has designed the IT Acquisition: Enterprise-Wide Agreement (EWA) Program to develop and implement policies and procedures that support the identification, acquisition, oversight and compliance of enterprise licenses.   EWAs are Department-wide acquisitions of widely used commercial software.  The EWA Program has two core objectives to achieve the Program mission :

  • Maximizing IT buying power and reducing total cost of ownership;
  • Streamlining the IT total acquisition lifecycle.

The EWA Program applies a centralized, cross-functional, strategic enterprise software solutions approach.  The EWA Program leverages opportunities to create efficiencies and enhances the value of IT acquisition.  Benefits of the program include:

  • Reducing duplicative enterprise-wide IT components.
  • Promoting technical standardization.  
  • Increasing  IT contract administration efficiencies.
  • Improving  knowledge-sharing of IT acquisition best practices.

List of Current Enterprise-Wide Agreements