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OCIO Strategic Plan

The mission of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is to enable the Department of Energy’s urgent missions in energy, science and nuclear security through the power of information and technology in a manner that balances risk with required outcomes in programs that span from open science to national security.

DOE promotes effective operations by encouraging performance-based management and facilitating the restructuring of mission- and business-related processes, where appropriate, before making significant IT investments to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of the Department’s information management activities. In addition, the OCIO’s Office of Cybersecurity implements and maintains a comprehensive cybersecurity program that is effective across DOE’s diverse missions and large array of interdependent networks and information systems.

Strategic Goal 1: Leverage Existing IT
Leverage existing information technology and expertise to maximize mission accomplishment and reduce costs.

Strategic Goal 2: Foster New and Emerging IT
Identify and foster new and emerging information technology to maximize mission accomplishment and reduce costs.

Strategic Goal 3: IT Governance, Policy, and Oversight Processes
Provide Departmental IT governance, policy, and oversight processes to ensure secure, efficient, and cost-effective use of IT resources.

Strategic Goal 4: Risk-Based Cybersecurity
Strengthen enterprise situational awareness to foster near-real-time risk management and combat the advanced persistent threat; forge interagency and sector partnerships to protect critical infrastructure, promote information sharing, and advance technologies for cyber defenses.