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Robert G. Green - Principal Deputy CIO for Enterprise Information Resources Management

Mr. Robert Green serves as Principal Deputy CIO for Enterprise Information Resources Management, focusing on enterprise information management and technology, to include strategy, policy and standards and cyber coordination across the extended DOE enterprise.

Prior to his role as Principal Deputy CIO, Mr. Green served as Senior Advisor, IT Modernization where he co-chaired and delivered the 120-Day Federal IT Study, resulting in a number of technical and foundational recommendations which were approved by the Department’s leadership in May 2014. 

Mr. Green also served as the (Acting) Associate Chief Information Officer for Energy IT Services (EITS) and Deputy Associate Chief Information Officer for EITS, where through increased collaboration and Program participation he was responsible for implementing effective services in support of the DOE mission.  Preceding this, Mr. Green served as Deputy CIO for IT for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), where he was awarded the NNSA Excellence Medal by the NNSA Administrator, June 2008. During his tenure with NNSA, Mr. Green was responsible for Federal IT Operations, Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture, IT Project Management, and Records Management and managed the implementation of NNSA’s IT framework and infrastructure. Prior to the establishment of NNSA, Mr. Green served as the IT Director for Defense Programs, where he was responsible for Headquarters IT operations and project management. Mr. Green began his federal career supporting the Office of the Superconducting Super Collider within the Office of Science (formerly the Office of Energy Research).