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U-066: Mozilla Firefox / Thunderbird Multiple Vulnerabilities

December 22, 2011 - 6:30am



Mozilla Firefox / Thunderbird Multiple Vulnerabilities .


Mozilla Firefox 8.x and Mozilla Thunderbird 8.x


Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

reference LINKS:

Advisory 2011-53
Advisory 2011-54
Advisory 2011-55
Advisory 2011-56
Advisory 2011-57
Advisory 2011-58
Secunia Advisory: SA47302




Vulnerabilities have been reported in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, where one has an unknown impact and others can be exploited by malicious people to disclose sensitive information and compromise a user's system.
1) Some unspecified errors can be exploited to corrupt memory. No further information is currently available.
2) An error exists within the YARR regular expression library when parsing javascript content.
3) An error within the SVG implementation when SVG elements are removed during a DOMAttrModified event can be exploited to cause an out-of-bounds memory access.
4) The application does not properly handle SVG animation accessKey events when JavaScript is disabled. This can lead to the user's key strokes being leaked.
5) An error within the plugin handler when deleting DOM frame can be exploited to dereference memory.
NOTE: This vulnerability only affects Mac OS X.
6) An error exists within the handling of OGG.
CVE Reference(s): CVE-2011-3658, CVE-2011-3660, CVE-2011-3661, CVE-2011-3663, CVE-2011-3664 and CVE-2011-3665


Successful exploitation of vulnerabilities #1 - #3 and #5 may allow execution of arbitrary code.


Upgrade to version 9.0. Firefox Downloads 9.0