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Accommodation Program Contacts

Section 508 Coordinator:
For information with regard to DOE Section 508 Policy and Guidance, contact DOE Section 508 Coordinator:

Teddy Dyer
DOE Section 508 Coordinator
Chief Information Office, Office of IT Policy and Management (IM-22)
(202) 586-9698

Assistive Technologies Coordinator (ATC)
For information and recommendations with regard to assistive devices and or applications, employees should contact the Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Assistive Technologies Coordinator (ATC):

Teddy Dyer
Assistive Technologies Coordinator (ATC)
Chief Information Office, Office of IT Policy and Management (IM-22)
(202) 586-9698

DOE Headquarters Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator:
The US Department of Energy (DOE) point of contact for DOE employees wishing to request assistive technology at no cost through the Department of Defense (DOD) Computer / Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) can gain access to this information by going on-line at or by contacting the DOE Headquarters Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator:

Lynn Proctor
Headquarters Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator
Office of Human Chief Human Capital Officer
(202) 586-9545