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Why Give?

Why Give?

Compassion of Individuals. Power of Community.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the only authorized workplace charitable giving drive for employees in the Federal workplace. Established by Executive Order in 1961, it continues to be the largest and most successful workplace fundraising model in the world. Over the years, the CFC has become a powerful way to help neighbors in need around the corner, across the nation and throughout the world.

The CFCNCA serves a broad spectrum of local, national and international causes, including:

Arts, Culture, and Humanities Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief
Educational Institutions & Related Activities Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics
Environmental Quality, Protection & Beautification Youth Development
Animal Related Human Services – Multipurpose and Other
 Health – General and Rehabilitative International, Foreign Affairs, National Security
Mental Health, Crisis Intervention Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
Disease, Disorders, Medicinal Disciplines Community Improvement, Capacity Building
Medical Research Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Foundations Services
Crime, Legal Related Social Science Research Institutes, Services
Employment, Job Related Public, Social Benefit: Multipurpose, Other
Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition Religion Related, Spiritual Development
Housing, Shelter Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations

View the full list of charities or use our online charity search to choose a cause you are passionate about and begin making a difference. You can also view charity details in the 2016 CFCNCA Catalog of Caring.

Donation Impact

Hope is the greatest gift of all. Join the CFCNCA community today to make a difference and change lives in your local community, across the nation and around the world. When you make a pledge to CFCNCA, the power of our compassion grows. Lives are changed. More than 4,400 charities go to work in communities near and far to bring health, education, relief and hope for the future. Every contribution counts. Every commitment increases our power to make a difference.

A bi-weekly or monthly payroll pledge to your CFCNCA charities adds up to substantial results over the course of the year.

Bi-weekly payroll deduction:
  • $25: Provides a year’s supply of anti-retroviral medicine for an HIV-positive child under three years old.
  • $50: Provides emergency water kits to nearly 60 families, ensuring they can eat, drink and wash safely in emergency situations.
  • $100: Covers the cost of building materials and community labor for one major new well for an African community of 500 people.
Monthly payroll deduction:
  • $25: Provides eight months of life-saving medicine for a homeless patient.
  • $50: Provides 60 boxes of nails used to  modify the homes of disabled veterans.
  • $100: Provides desks, chairs, pencils, chalk and a blackboard for 50 Haitian students.