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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can contractors participate in the CFC?

A.  Generally contractors are not permitted to participate in CFC events.  Contractor personnel, credit union employees and other persons present on Federal premises, as well as retired Federal employees, may make single contributions to the CFC through checks, money orders, or cash, or by electronic means, including credit cards. These non-Federal personnel may not be solicited, but donations offered by such persons must be accepted by the local campaigns.


Q.  I am online attempting to give through paperless payroll deduction; however I am only given the options of credit card, debit card or electronic check.  Is paperless payroll deduction still a viable giving option?

A.  Several e-giving options are available to DOE Federal Employees including paperless payroll deduction.  The paperless payroll deduction option is connected to the DOE employee payroll email address.  This is the email address used by payroll.  If the payroll deduction option does not appear, the email address entered is NOT the donor’s payroll email address.  The CFCNCA hotline 202-465-7230 can assist you with the email address identified in their online file.


Q.  As a donor, can you walk me through the paper pledge process?

A.  First, determine the organization(s) to which you wish to contribute, along with the charity code number. This information can be found in the CFC 2013 Catalog of Caring, available thru your office Keyworker, as well as online in either PDF or Searchable Format at  Obtain a “Fall 2013 Pledge Form” from your office Keyworker which should have your organization's CFCNCA unit reporting number written in the red boxes at the top of the form.  Once you have made your decision, follow the instructions on the “Fall 2013 Pledge Form”:


Part A.  Fill in the form with the charity code number and the annual amount for each charity. Repeat this process for each charity for which you choose to contribute. Add the annual amounts, and enter the ”Total” boxes at the bottom of Part A and top of Part B.

Part B. For payroll deduction, divide the annual contribution by 26 (pay periods) for civilians or 12 (pay periods) for military to determine the amount to enter in the appropriate “Amount Per Pay Period” boxes. Place your signature, and the date, in the “Payroll Deduction Authorization” box.

For Cash or Check (written out to CFCNCA), check the appropriate box, write in the date, and fill in the Total Annual Contribution boxes.

Part C. Print your name (last, first & middle initial), federal agency, work address, social security number (for payroll deduction) work phone number and your work e-mail address.

Part D. This section is optional for sharing your contact information. Once the pledge form is completed give the signed form to your office Keyworker who will check for correctness, the blue copy of the form serves as your receipt.


Q.  As a Key Worker, what do I look for when doing a quality check on the pledge form?

A.  Verify: the correct reporting number filled in on the top of the form, the dollar amount is added correctly and entered in the “Total Annual Contribution” boxes, employees donating by payroll deduction sign the form and fill in their social security number, and correct e-mail address. If you detect errors, return the form to the donor for the necessary corrections. With the exception of the reporting unit number, only the donor can make changes to the pledge form.


Q.  Where do I find help?

A. The first person to contact is your office Keyworker. Information is also available at both the DOE website and the CFCNCA website


Q.  How do active duty military personnel, assigned to DOE, make a payroll pledge?

A.  Active duty military personnel should use the paper “Fall 2013 Pledge Form” with their DOE reporting unit number printed in the red boxes at the top of the form, to make a payroll deduction pledge, retain the blue form as a receipt, and  give the completed form to their DOE office Keyworker. Office Keyworkers will keep the white and yellow form copies separate from other pledges collected. The DOE Campaign Financial Manager will forward payroll deduction pledges to the individual’s military service component for processing. 


Q.  Where do I find the reporting unit number and why is it important?

A.  Your Office reporting unit number can be found at on the progress-toward-goals page.  The reporting unit number is used by the CFCNCA to identify the donation as a DOE contribution.  The reporting unit number is also used to record progress by office as well as progress DOE is making toward the Agency goal of $1,400,000. 


Q.  I am detailed to DOE HQ in the National Capital Area; can I give thru the CFCNCA?

A.  It is important to realize that the Combined Federal Campaign is geographically structured.  The CFC of the National Capital Area services only the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Only, Federal employees with an “official duty station” in the geographic region can give through the CFCNCA. Federal employees with permanent duty stations outside the geographic boundaries are encouraged to give thru their local CFC.  Conversely, DOE Federal Employees with a permanent duty station in the National Capital Area who are detailed outside the area during the campaign period, are eligible and encouraged to give and will be contacted by their HQ office-of-record Keyworker.


Q.  How do I know if I am an “Eagle” or “Double Eagle” donor?

A.  An “Eagle” donor gives 1% to 1.99% of their salary.  A “Double Eagle” donor contributes 2% or more of his/her salary thru the CFC.  Your office Senior Coordinator has access to the number of “Eagles” and “Double Eagles” in the office, but not the name of the donor. If you fall into the “Eagle” or “Double Eagle” category please notify your office Senior Coordinator listed on the website at to receive your recognition pin.


Q. What is the last day to make a donation?

A. December 15, 2013 is the last day of the CFCNCA Campaign. This date marks the last day Federal Employees may solicit or be solicited for donations.  It is also the last day for submission of paperless pledges, including the paperless payroll deductions. Cash and check donations using the “Fall 2013 Pledge Form” will be accepted after the December 15, 2013 end date.