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November 8, 2013
Inspired by the design of jet engines, ARPA-E awardee FloDesign flipped wind turbine design on its head and developed a shrouded turbine -- essentially three blades surrounded by two different sized fiberglass frames. | Photo courtesy of Fast Company.
Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ARPA-E

The Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) is funding game-changing technologies that have the potential to change the way we generate, store and use energy. Check out some of the top facts about ARPA-E.

October 23, 2013
ARPA-E Program Director Dr. Ramon Gonzalez focuses on using microorganisms to convert natural gas into liquid fuel. | Photo courtesy of Jeff Fitlow, Rice University.
ARPA-E Q&A: Transforming How We Get Our Fuel

ARPA-E is exploring ways to use microorganisms to convert natural gas into liquid fuel. Learn what this means for transportation in the U.S.

September 27, 2013
In early January 2013, Solar Decathlon teams gathered at the competition site in Irvine, California. | Photo courtesy of Stefano Paltera, Energy Department.
Come for Solar Decathlon, Stay for the Clean Energy XPO

Hosted alongside the Solar Decathlon, the clean energy XPO will showcase technology innovations and sustainable living through interactive exhibits. Learn how you can visit both!

September 19, 2013
A Clean Energy Revolution -- Now

Critics often say America's clean energy future will “always be five years away.” For four key clean energy technologies, that clean energy future has already arrived.

September 17, 2013
#CleanTechNow: America’s Clean Energy Revolution

A new Energy Department report shows how cost reductions and product improvements have sparked a surge in consumer demand for wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles and LED lighting.

September 11, 2013
Dr. Michael Knotek, Deputy Undersecretary for Science and Energy at the Energy Department, delivers remarks at the NASCAR Green Summit in Chicago, where the DOE-NASCAR MOU was announced. | Photo courtesy of NASCAR.
New DOE-NASCAR Partnership Revs Deployment of Pollution Reducing Technologies

From the electricity that powers race-day broadcasts to the fuel in the cars themselves, a new DOE-NASCAR Memorandum of Understanding pinpoints transformative energy technologies that will benefit NASCAR and its fans.

September 4, 2013
Dr. Ping Liu of ARPA-E discusses the RANGE program and its innovative approach to energy storage for electric vehicles. | Photo courtesy of ARPA-E.
ARPA-E Program Takes an Innovative Approach to Electric Vehicle Batteries

We're sitting down with ARPA-E to talk about new ways to think about electric vehicle battery design.

August 29, 2013
If accepted, a new energy efficiency rule on walk-in coolers and freezers proposed by the Energy Department could cut energy bills by up to $24 billion over 30 years. | Photo by Lynn Billman, NREL.
Historic Energy Efficiency Rules Would Save Consumers Money and Cut Carbon Emissions

Two proposed Energy Department energy efficiency rules could save $28 billion in energy costs over the next three decades.

August 28, 2013
Thanks to the Energy Department's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, the city of Dallas has improved the efficiency of more than 200 city-owned buildings, saving $1 million a year in energy costs. | Photo courtesy of the City of Dallas.
Dallas: Building a Greener City

Learn how Dallas is becoming a leader in sustainability.

August 19, 2013
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eGallon and Electric Vehicle Sales: The Big Picture

This month, we're updating eGallon prices and taking a look at how the U.S. electric vehicle market continues to strengthen.