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You've Got Questions, Chu's Got Answers

October 4, 2010 - 5:06pm


Secretary Chu's dedication to advancing energy efficiency is well documented. Whether it’s pointing out why The Daily Show would benefit from switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs or applying insulation and sealant in his own home, the Secretary is always eager to point out opportunities to save money and improve energy efficiency.

Now it’s your chance to get energy advice directly from Secretary Chu. In a few days, the Secretary will be sitting down with us to answer some of your questions on how to make your home more energy-efficient. Wondering if a white roof is right for your house? Want to know what quick fixes or small investments could save you money? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, email or even a YouTube video. Get your questions in before midnight on Thursday (10/07) for a chance at a receiving a personal reply from the Secretary early next week.