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"Troops to Energy Jobs" Opens New Doors for Veterans

July 11, 2011 - 7:05pm


As a Veteran, I’ve always been acutely aware of the role that energy plays in our ability to defend and uphold our national security. This awareness manifested itself in many ways during my time in the field, from the economic struggles of my relatives and friends back home who were susceptible to price swings at the gas pump, to the safety of my fellow troops who put their lives on the line every day to escort caravans of fuel across treacherous terrain, to the literal weight of the batteries we carried on our persons while in the theater. We understand, perhaps better than anyone, that our pursuit of energy security and national security are inextricably linked.

I also know the struggles faced by many Veterans once they leave the service, especially when it comes to finding a quality job. Last year for example, the unemployment rate for veterans who served after September 11th was 11.5% compared to 9.4% unemployment amongst non-veterans. Potential employers don’t always understand the value and experience that Veterans can bring to the workforce. And in some cases, it’s difficult for Veterans to express how the jobs we were trained to do in the military are transferable to jobs on the outside. Veterans have the skills, knowledge, leadership and professionalism to excel in any number of fields – including the energy sector. We simply need a bridge to join the wider workforce and contribute to the jobs of the future.

Today, Secretary Chu joined the Edison Electric Institute and the Center for Energy Workforce Development as they announced a new program that will help bridge that divide and increase opportunities for Veterans in the energy sector. “Troops to Energy Jobs” brings together public, non-profit and private sector partners in a pilot program that will provide transitional career training and counseling to help Veterans enter the workforce and get jobs in the energy industry.

A partnership program like “Troops to Energy Jobs” is a great first step in the direction of helping solve the critical issue of Veterans unemployment in this country. The program will be managed by the Center for Energy Workforce Development, a non-profit group of electric, natural gas and nuclear utility companies. The Energy Department will contribute to this partnership through the National Training Education Resource Center (NTER), a virtual campus that can offer interactive training for people online. After training, Veterans can be matched and then enter jobs related to their training with private sector employers who value the skills and experience we bring to the workforce. “Troops to Energy Jobs” is launching as a pilot program and its sponsors hope to be able to expand it to the entire energy industry.

As a proud Veteran and current employee here at Energy, I know how much this effort means to those who have served and are eager to continue their contribution to our national security. I look forward to following the stories of Veterans as they go through the program and begin to translate their military skills in to energy sector achievements.