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Secretary Chu Announces Nearly $38 Million in State Awards for Energy Emergency Preparedness

August 12, 2009 - 12:00am


Washington, DC - As part of its efforts to improve the nation's energy security and electricity reliability, today Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced nearly $38 million in funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to improve state emergency preparedness plans and ensure quick recovery and restoration from any energy supply disruptions. Funds will be used by state governments to hire or retrain staff and expand state-level capacities to address challenges to the country's energy systems, including emergency situations such as blackouts, hurricanes, ice storms, and disruptions to heating supplies.

"Today's awards provide crucial support to our state partners in modernizing the electrical grid and enhancing our energy security," said Secretary Chu. "Enhancing the states' ability to quickly and effectively respond to energy disruptions is a critical element in meeting our nation's energy goals."

States will use the funds to plan for energy supply disruption risks and vulnerabilities to lessen the devastating impact that such incidents can have on the economy and the health and safety of the public. Each state will be required to track energy emergencies to assess the restoration and recovery times of any supply disruptions; to train appropriate personnel on energy infrastructure and supply systems; and conduct and participate in state and regional energy emergency exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of their energy assurance plans.

The awards for energy assurance capabilities will also help states address cyber security concerns and prepare for the challenges of integrating smart grid technologies and renewable energy sources into the transmission network. States are encouraged to coordinate and communicate best practices with one another, in order to build both state-level and regional resiliency.

The following grants are being awarded today:


Awardees Total Funding
Alabama $627,742
Alaska $262,969
Arizona $796,410
Arkansas $461,990
California $3,572,526
Colorado $653,209
Connecticut $521,250
Delaware $280,109
District of Columbia $254,302
Florida $1,881,676
Georgia $1,088,694
Hawaii $318,196
Idaho $339,814
Illinois $1,383,754
Indiana $785,088
Iowa $475,493
Kansas $457,104
Kentucky $591,715
Louisiana $604,703
Maine $320,789
Maryland $716,898
Massachusetts $796,207
Michigan $1,117,842
Minnesota $678,986
Mississippi $469,626
Missouri $742,406
Montana $288,765
Nebraska $363,635
Nevada $438,573
New Hampshire $320,729
New Jersey $996,658
New Mexico $382,070
New York $1,988,289
North Carolina $1,046,182
North Dakota $258,858
Ohio $1,253,864
Oklahoma $534,197
Pennsylvania $1,342,164
Puerto Rico $562,794
Rhode Island $296,413
South Carolina $611,034
Tennessee $770,233
Texas $2,432,068
Utah $451,075
Vermont $257,003
Virginia $912,836
Washington $800,910
West Virginia $366,482
Wisconsin $716,382
Wyoming $248,874
Total $37,839,586

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