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Secretary Bodman Travels to Russia to Advance Energy Security

March 15, 2006 - 12:20pm


Promotes Transparent Markets and Clean Energy Technologies; Participates in G8 Energy Ministerial and Delivers Remarks on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

MOSCOW, RUSSIA-U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today began a two-day visit to Russia where he will lead the U.S. delegation to the G8 Energy Ministerial. During his visit the Secretary will promote greater energy security through the use of advanced energy technologies, the promotion of stable and transparent investment climates, and increased conservation and energy efficiency. Secretary Bodman will also deliver remarks to the Carnegie Center on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) and meet with American business leaders and senior Russian government officials.

"As economies around the world grow, we will all need more safe, affordable and dependable supplies of energy," Secretary Bodman said. "The United States and our G8 partners must expand and strengthen our relationship to mitigate the effects of energy supply disruptions, promote a market-based investment approach, and advance clean energy technologies including renewable energy, clean coal, and emissions free nuclear power. I look forward to a productive dialogue on these and other energy-related issues this week with key Russian officials, G8 energy officials, and American business leaders."

On Wednesday, Secretary Bodman will deliver remarks at the Carnegie Moscow Center on the GNEP initiative announced earlier this year. GNEP is a comprehensive strategy to enable the expansion of emissions-free nuclear energy worldwide by demonstrating and deploying new technologies to recycle nuclear fuel, minimize waste, and improve our ability to keep nuclear technologies and materials out of the hands of terrorists. GNEP's four main goals are to reduce America's dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels, recycle nuclear fuel using new proliferation-resistant technologies, encourage prosperity growth and clean development, and utilize the latest technologies to reduce nuclear proliferation worldwide.

On Thursday, Secretary Bodman will take part in the G-8 Energy Ministerial. Secretary Bodman will discuss the importance of market-oriented approaches that encourage investment, competition, market pricing, transparency, stability, and reliability. Secretary Bodman will also encourage the advancement of energy efficiency and clean energy technologies including renewable energy and emissions free nuclear power. The Secretary will highlight strategies for mitigation of energy supply disruptions through emergency response mechanisms including maintaining emergency stockpiles, diversifying global transit routes, and strengthening infrastructure security.

Secretary Bodman will meet with Russian government officials while in Moscow to strengthen cooperation between the U.S. and Russia on nuclear security, encourage approval of the Caspian Pipeline expansion, and welcome Russia's efforts to build their LNG business. The Secretary will discuss adoption of an international standard of transparency and corporate governance to state-owned companies and promote a stable and transparent market practices to promote foreign investment. To further the strong bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Russia, Secretary Bodman will express the U.S. commitment to the Energy Working Group and encourage continued cooperation on successful efforts such as the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program. Secretary Bodman's visit will include discussions with First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Igor Sechin, Minister of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko and new RosAtom Director Sergey Kiriyenko.

Secretary Bodman also will participate in a meeting with American business leaders to discuss short and long term goals and objectives including the need for transparent market structure, industry-led Commercial Energy Dialogue and increased U.S.-Russia cooperation. Business leaders planning to attend the meeting represent a broad spectrum of economic issues, including banking, customs, taxation, licensing and others.

Secretary Bodman traveled to Moscow, Russia, after visiting Pakistan and Kazakhstan. On Friday, Secretary Bodman will attend a regional energy security meeting in Budapest, Hungary, with senior officials from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Croatia.

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