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Pillars of Recovery

July 29, 2010 - 4:00pm


Energy Efficiency - $12.0 billion

Helping millions of American families cut utility bills by making homes and appliances more energy efficient.

  • $5 billion for the Weatherization Assistance Program
  • $3.1 billion for the State Energy Program
  • $2.73 billion for Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants
  • $454 million for Retrofit ramp-ups in energy efficiency
  • $346 million for Energy efficient building technologies
  • $300 million for Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates / ENERGY STAR®
  • $256 million for the Industrial Technologies Program
  • $104 million for National Laboratory Facilities
  • $18 million for Small Business Clean Energy Innovation Projects


Environmental Cleanup - $6.0 billion

Creating jobs and reducing the legacy cold war footprint of the Department of Energy, and clean up the polluted land and water resources in communities.

  • $1.6 billion for the Hanford River Site Recovery Act Project
  • $1.4 billion for the Savannah River Site Recovery Act Project
  • $775 million for the Oak Ridge National Lab Recovery Act Project
  • $468 million for the Idaho National Lab Recovery Act Project
  • $326 million for the Office of River Protection Recovery Act Project
  • $212 million for the Los Alamos National Lab Recovery Act Project
  • $200 million for the Liquid Waste Tank Infrastructure
  • $172 million for the Carlsbad Field Office Recovery Act Project
  • $118 million for the Portsmouth Recovery Act Project
  • $108 million for the Moab Recovery Act Project
  • $98 million for the Argonne National Lab Recovery Act Project
  • $79 million for the Paducah Recovery Act Project
  • $74 million for the West Valley Recovery Act Project
  • $69 million for the Title X Uranium/Thorium Reimbursement Program
  • $54 million for the Energy Technology Engineering Center ARRA Project
  • $52 million for the Separations Process Research Unit ARRA Project
  • $44 million for the Nevada Test Site Recovery Act Project
  • $42 million for the Brookhaven National Lab Recovery Act Project
  • $20 million for the Mound Operable Unit 1 Recovery Act Project
  • $8 million for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Recovery Act Project


Modernizing the Electric Grid - $4.5 billion

Harnessing clean energy sources and integrating them onto a modernized electric grid, while giving consumers better choices and more control over their energy use.

  • $3.5 billion for Smart Grid Investment Grant Program
  • $700 million for Smart Grid Regional Demonstration
  • $100 million for Workforce Development
  • $80 million for Interconnection Transmission Planning and Analysis
  • $55 million for Enhancing State / Local Governments Energy Assurance
  • $50 million for State Assistance on Electricity Policies $29 million for Program Direction
  • $10 million for Interoperability Standards and Framework


Carbon Capture and Storage - $3.4 billion

Developing clean coal technologies so we can to utilize America's coal resources sustainably.

  • $1.5 billion for Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage Applications
  • $1 billion for Fossil Energy Research and Development Programs
  • $800 million for the Clean Coal Power Initiative Round III
  • $49 million for Geologic Sequestration Site Characterization
  • $20 million for the Geologic Sequestration Training and Research
  • $10 million for Program Direction


Transportation - $2.85 billion

Investing in a new generation of advanced fuels and vehicles to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and revitalize domestic manufacturing.

  • $2.0 billion for Advanced Battery Manufacturing Grants
  • $400 million for Transportation Electrification
  • $300 million for the Alternative-Fueled-Vehicles Pilot Grant Program
  • $110 million for the Vehicle Technologies Program
  • $41.9 million for Fuel Cell Markets


Science and Innovation - $2.0 billion 

Renewing our commitment to science and innovation to ensure global competitiveness in the future.

  • $400 million for Advanced Research (ARPA-E)
  • $277 million for Energy Frontier Research Centers
  • $247 million for Basic Energy Services
  • $216 million for High Energy Physics
  • $198 million for Science Laboratories Infrastructure
  • $155 million for Biological and Environmental Research
  • $154 million for Advanced Scientific Computing Research
  • $143 million for Nuclear Physics
  • $97 million for Energy Sciences Fellowships and Early Career Awards
  • $83 million for Fusion Energy Sciences
  • $58 million for Small Business Innovation Research


Renewable Energy - $1.64 billion

Developing the clean renewable resources in order to double our supply of renewable energy and boost domestic renewable manufacturing capacity.

  • $800 million for the Biomass Program
  • $400 million for the Geothermal Technologies Program
  • $115 million for the Solar Technologies Program
  • $100 million for Facility improvements at National Renewable Energy Lab
  • $93 million for Wind energy projects
  • $50 million for Information and Communications technology
  • $32 million for Modernizing existing U.S. hydropower infrastructure
  • $25 million for the Massachusetts Wind Technology Testing Center
  • $22 million for Community Renewable Energy Deployment