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Oil's Impact on Our National Security

April 25, 2011 - 6:12pm


Our dependence on foreign oil not only impacts hard working Americans at the pump, but it also compromises the security of our troops, as transporting large quantities of oil to our armed forces is often a dangerous and costly endeavor. The Department of Energy is committed to reducing our dependence on oil and supporting our armed forces, and that’s why we’ve been collaborating with the Department of Defense throughout this administration to develop clean energy technologies and get them into the field.

Tomorrow, Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman will join Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn, III and other outside security and energy experts at the White House to discuss the national security implications of America’s oil dependency and what we’re doing to address it. You can join the discussion by submitting your questions on President Obama’s plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil on Facebook, @energy on twitter or via e-mail and watch live at 10 AM EST tomorrow on to see if your question gets posed to the panel.