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New Jersey Landlord, Tenants See Benefits of Retrofits

April 9, 2010 - 2:32pm


Some might think that only single-family homes are being weatherized across America, but eligible renters in Newark, N.J., are taking advantage of the increases in savings, safety and comfort that come with weatherization.

Sunny Uberio is the owner of Realty Management Systems LLC in Newark, N.J., where he had his three apartment buildings evaluated for their energy efficiency and found that the older heating and cooling systems and other measures were insufficient when it came to saving energy. La Casa de Don Pedro, a local community action agency, was able to help Sunny by weatherizing the buildings.

“Through their program, I was able to get new boilers installed, new windows and insulation and just increase the overall efficiency of the buildings,” Sunny says. “I have seen tenants whose energy bills have definitely gone down, especially their heating costs.”

Ivette Delgado is one of those tenants, and when Sunny and the team at La Casa told her about the opportunity to have her home weatherized, she said she wanted to do it because she thought it would be good for the building to save energy.

“They put in new windows and energy-efficient lights, and it’s really warm now in the winter,” Ivette says. “My energy bills are way cheaper than what I was paying — I’m saving about $70 a month.”

Better energy-efficiency in Realty Management’s buildings is helping Sunny and his tenants go green, which is saving money too.

“In these tough times, we’ve been able to improve the conditions of our buildings and provide more savings for the tenants, which would’ve been difficult without La Casa,” he says. “They sure helped us all out, and it was very welcome.”