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Navigating the New

September 10, 2012 - 2:16pm


This video shows you how to navigate the new

For regular readers of Energy Savers, you might have noticed something different when you visited the site today. Not only does it have an updated name and design, it also has a new feature to help you take practical actions to save energy and money at home. We have moved things around a bit, but you can still find great tips and advice to help you save energy and save money.

The first change you will notice is an updated name -- now you can be an Energy Saver. We moved Energy Saver content to the platform to expand Energy Saver’s readership and provide additional information to help consumers save money on their energy bills. With the new, we were also able to optimize search functionality and spruce up its design, showcasing content in a way that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

As you explore the new site, some additional changes you will find:


We organized Energy Saver into three broad categories -- Energy Efficient Home, Saving Electricity, and Home Heating and Cooling -- to make content easier to find. These three topic pages feature related subtopics and articles to help you navigate deeper into the site. By combining shorter articles, you will now be able to find relevant content in one place. Our article on energy efficient windows is a great example of the change. Every article features external resources at the bottom of the page, while related Energy Saver content can be found in the right column.

Tips & Advice

Instead of having a single page dedicated to tips, we have incorporated this content throughout Energy Saver articles. Related tips, advice, and publications are prominently displayed on all the Energy Saver topic pages to make the content more accessible. Looking for a full listing of Energy Saver Tips? Check out the rotator at the bottom of the Energy Saver homepage to view them all or visit our Energy Saver mobile site.

Energy Saver Blog

Avid Energy Saver Blog readers now have multiple ways to find the content they are looking for. The Energy Saver blog -- a place for consumers to learn about home energy efficiency and renewable technologies -- will continue to have its own blog feed. You can also find related Energy Saver blog posts at the bottom of all Energy Saver topic pages. We continue to look for your feedback, and you have more than one way to comment. We are launching the “Have Your Say” feature as a way for you to share your thoughts with us. This feature can be deployed just about anywhere on the site – on the homepage, topic pages, and blog post -- and can easily be found using the website’s search function. You also have the option to share your thoughts on the Energy Saver facebook page or through email. So keep your eyes peeled for "Have Your Say," and tell us what you think.

Savings Projects

Tips and advice has always been a main feature of Energy Saver, but now we are taking energy efficiency to the next level by with Savings Projects -- step-by-step guides to home energy efficiency improvements. Savings Projects feature detailed instructions, shopping lists, estimated costs, what to know before you start, and time needed to complete the project. With fall just around the corner, check out our caulking and weatherstripping projects to learn how to seal your home. Over the next few months, we will continue rolling out additional projects to help you improve your home’s efficiency.

Today’s launch of the new is an exciting step, but we still have more work to do. We will continue to find ways to localize Energy Saver content and make it easy for consumers to take action to save energy and money. We would love to hear your feedback on how we are doing. Feel free to share your ideas and be sure to explore the new