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Looking Ahead with a Look Back at the 2nd Annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

March 3, 2011 - 10:01am


Yesterday, we wrapped up 2nd Annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, an event that featured some of today's most cutting-edge clean energy technologies. Over the past three days, the Summit hosted leaders in the energy arena and featured speeches from big names -- from Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus's exciting announcement of a new partnership between the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy, to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's humor filled but poignant speech about changing the tone of the energy conversation.

The Summit also brought together leaders from across business, academia and government to participate in panels on hot energy technology topics. And the technology showcase featured dozens of the most transformative projects in the world. The last few days have certainly been exciting. A wealth of knowledge and information has come out of the Summit and will help us push forward toward the energy technologies of tomorrow.

And perhaps the best part, we were there to capture many of these moments with our cameras. So, if you missed it, or just want to hold on to the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the past 72 hours, take a look at some of the videos and photos below. Enjoy!





Secretary Chu's Keynote | On YouTube                                            Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Keynote | On YouTube 





Arun Majumdar's s Keynote | On YouTube                                      Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus | On YouTube


"Behind the Scenes at the ARPA-E Summit" | On YouTube            "How ARPA-E is 'Winning the Future'" | On YouTube

Photos from the 2nd Annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit | DOE Photos: Ken Shipp | On Flickr

Andy Oare is a New Media Strategist with the Department of Energy.