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Legendary West Virginia Senior Citizen Stays Warm With New Furnace

April 1, 2010 - 7:16pm


For the last 56 years, Beulah Sisk has lived in the same house in Princeton, W.Va. Beulah, who worked for 25 years at Lloyd’s Pastry Shop, is well known in Princeton. People still see her on the streets today and recognize her as an icon in the community.

After a wind storm damaged Beulah’s home last year, it came as no surprise when a senior center employee, concerned for Beulah’s safety, told her about the weatherization assistance program.

“A tree fell on my house and damaged a lot of things, including my furnace,” Beulah says. “I tried to have it repaired, but it still wasn’t working exactly right for the house and the weatherization people put a new furnace in.”

After being approved for the program run by Community Action of South Eastern West Virginia, Beulah received not only a new furnace, but also a new hot water heater and insulation in her home, along with new smoke detectors. As a senior living on a fixed income, she said the program was a blessing for her, and she enjoys being able to invite friends and family over to visit now that her living conditions are in good order.

 “I was paying around $100 each month on my gas heating bill. But I got a letter for this month that says I don’t need to pay anything — it looks like I still had a credit with them because I’ve used less,” Beulah says. “My bills are down and the house is a lot warmer.”