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Geek-Up[10.29.2010]: The Halloween Special

October 29, 2010 - 5:22pm


The Geek-Up[date] team is pretty stoked about Halloween this year. In fact, it’s probably one of our favorite holidays. While the menacing and magical alike dedicate October to all things mischievous, the rest of the year they are some of the most energy-conscious, money-saving monsters around.

For instance, what do you get when you mix energy auditors and their favorite costume?

Ghostbusters, of course!

After Halloween, these experts trade back their PKE meters for smart meters, their Slime Blowers for door blowers and their Proton Packs for infrared cameras. Just as the Ghostbusters view ghosts creaking and moaning around a house as a sign of unwanted energy, energy auditors are skilled in detecting areas of wasted energy in your home and opportunities to lower your energy costs every month. Learn more about a home energy audit and how an auditor can help you save money >

Fans of J.K. Rowling know that witches and wizards are on the cutting edge of clean energy transportation that doesn’t depend on imported oil. While here at Geek-Up[date] we certainly don’t recommend that you take to the skies, it’s pretty impressive how far witches have come without the use of fossil fuels. Whether you walk, bike, take public transportation or purchase a fuel efficient or electric vehicle , there are numerous ways to join this holiday’s green mascot.

Still, not all of these monsters are as benevolent as the rest. Watch out for tricks from the energy vampire – he shows up when an appliance is in its lowest power consuming mode, usually when it has been switched off, but still plugged in. Check out GOOD’s awesome video on the energy vampire and tips to banish him from your home >

And for a treat: