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DOE Recognizes Green Power Network Leaders

September 14, 2009 - 12:00am


ATLANTA, GA - U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu today recognized five leading organizations for advancing the development and use of green energy.  The five organizations are being recognized for their exceptional achievements in supporting increased market deployment of renewable energy technologies through green power programs. These organizations underscore the Obama Administration's efforts to develop domestic supplies of clean, renewable energy while creating jobs. 

"The Department of Energy applauds these organizations for taking a leading role in advancing markets for renewable energy," said Secretary Chu. "Green power is an effective way for businesses and households to reduce their carbon footprint, while creating jobs and cutting pollution. Through their innovative programs and partnerships, these organizations are responding to growing demand for clean, reliable electricity from our nation's abundant renewable energy sources." 

Leading organizations were selected based upon the resources and technologies utilized, total annual renewable energy sales, number of customers served, market impact, amount of green power supplied, and overall value provided to participants.  The goal of green power programs is to provide market-based choices for electricity consumers to purchase power from environmentally preferred sources.

Each organization recognized has helped to advance the development of green power markets through a combination of renewable energy resource development, marketing, education, outreach to businesses, residents and the general public and advancing green power markets through public policy.  Organizations recognized today include:

Green Power Network Leaders:

  • 3Degrees (San Francisco, CA) - 3Degrees provides a range of renewable energy and climate mitigation products and consulting services. 3Degrees originates and markets Green-e® Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Verified Emission Reductions from projects around the world. 3Degrees also works in partnership with utilities to offer residential and business customers a voluntary green power option.
  • Bonneville Environmental Foundation (Portland, OR) - Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is a non-profit supplier of green power, founded in Portland, Oregon in 1998.  BEF aspires to achieve significant environmental benefits by re-investing the profits from the sale of their green power products in renewable energy development.  Since 2000, BEF and its partners have supported over 2.5 million MWh of renewable energy generation throughout the United States.
  • Central Vermont Public Service Corporation - Cow PowerTM (Rutland, VT) - CVPS Cow PowerT, developed by Central Vermont Public Service, is one of the nation's first farm-to-consumer renewable energy programs that use methane-based power generation from cow manure to provide clean, renewable energy while solving numerous environmental problems. Since the program's inception in 2004, a total of over 42 million kWh have been sold through customers participating in the program.
  • Madison Gas and Electric Company (Madison, WI) - Madison Gas and Electric Company (MGE) is a regulated, investor-owned utility and the main subsidiary of MGE Energy, Inc.  MGE's green power initiative, composed of an expanded "Green Power Tomorrow" program along with the Clean Power Partners program, was established to create alternative and affordable renewable energy sources.  In 2008, MGE expanded its Wind Power program to 152 million kWh and renamed the expanded program "Green Power Tomorrow."  By adding new wind resources in Wisconsin and local, customer-owned solar systems to the program supply, MGE was able to offer more customers the option to support renewable energy development, while also reducing the price premium from 2.68 cents/kWh to 1 cent/kWh above standard electricity rates.
  • Puget Sound Energy (Bellevue, WA) - Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has offered its Green Power Program to the Pacific Northwest since 2002, providing both commercial and residential customers the option to participate. In 2008, the program serviced more than 20,000 participants, and produced more than 290 million kWh in sales.  Since its inception, PSE's Green Power Program has consistently been on NREL's list of Top Ten Utility Green Power Programs.

For additional information on the Green Power Leadership Awards visit The Green Power Network.

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