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Department Of Energy Offers $60 Million to Spur Industry Engagement in Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

May 9, 2007 - 12:45pm


WASHINGTON, DC - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Deputy Secretary Clay Sell today announced that DOE will provide up to $60 million, over two years (FY'07-'08), to engage industry experts in the conceptual design of the initial nuclear fuel recycling center and advanced recycling reactor as part of President Bush's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP).  Studies from this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will include scope, schedule and cost information of the proposed facilities and will also identify technological needs that will be used to inform, and effectively and efficiently implement GNEP's Research & Development (R&D) activities.

"Nuclear energy is a safe, environmentally sensitive, and affordable way to meet the world's growing need for baseload electricity.  By further engaging engineering and design experts in the nuclear industry, we can spur radical development of new nuclear recycling technologies that are more proliferation-resistant and economically attractive," Deputy Secretary Sell said.

Deputy Secretary Sell announced today's FOA while addressing the United States Energy Association in Washington, DC.  This FOA is intended to promote and develop nuclear industry expertise that DOE could use to make GNEP a reality.  It seeks applicants to provide conceptual design studies, technology roadmaps, and business and communications plans essential to GNEP's initial development.  The applicants would also be asked to explore the technical and business parameters that would support the design, construction, and operation of GNEP's initial nuclear fuel recycling center and advanced recycling reactor.

In conjunction with the conceptual design studies, the recipients of funding will also develop technology development roadmaps to describe the state of the current technology, perform a technology "gap" analysis, and define the methods and plans to acquire technology needed to achieve the GNEP goals. The business plans will address how the market may facilitate DOE plans to develop and commercialize the advanced fuel cycle technologies and facilities. The communications plans will address the dissemination of scientific, technical, and practical information relating to nuclear energy and closing the nuclear fuel cycle.

DOE will use the information and recommendations provided by these studies, as well as other information and analyses, to assist in evaluating the development and deployment of proposed activities under GNEP, and to inform a Secretarial decision on the path forward for GNEP.

This FOA is comprised of $15 million from DOE's FY'07 Spend Plan, and $45 million from FY'08, subject to appropriation from Congress.  Three to six awards are expected to be determined later this year.  Applications for the FOA are due by June 22, 2007.

GNEP is part of President Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative and seeks to develop worldwide consensus on enabling expanded use of safe, clean and affordable nuclear energy to meet growing electricity demand. This will use a nuclear fuel cycle that enhances energy security, while promoting non-proliferation.

Additonal information on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

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