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Chu in China: Clean Energy Collaboration

November 16, 2010 - 6:43pm


On Sunday afternoon, the Secretary traveled to the largest power plant in Shanghai. Before taking a tour of the facilities, the Secretary met with managers and engineers at the plant to discuss the work they’re doing and the investments that the Department has made in carbon capture and storage in the U.S. As the Secretary learned on the tour, the large Huaneng plant has four coal powered generating units. The largest two units generate in excess of 660 MW each with a reported 48% efficiency. The plant also has a demonstration carbon capture facility which is trapping and separating some CO2 and processing it for commercial use.

Sunday evening, the Secretary and U.S. delegation were guests at a U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center reception hosted by National Energy Administrator Zhang Guobao and Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang. The reception included participants from both of the ministries and other Chinese Clean Energy Research Center partners. After the reception, the Secretary and the Ministers chaired the 2nd meeting of the Clean Energy Research Center Steering Committee, where updates on all three research areas were provided. The committee also discussed next steps for the Center, which include finalizing the selection of the Chinese consortia members and developing detailed plans for each of the three areas.

Be sure to check back for additional coverage as the Secretary continues his work in China and Japan throughout the week.