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Carbon Capture and Storage Forum Round-Up

September 9, 2010 - 12:17pm


Sec. Chu speaks about carbon capture and sequestration. | Energy Department Photo

Sec. Chu speaks about carbon capture and sequestration. | Energy Department Photo

Yesterday, Secretary Chu joined Senator Jay Rockefeller at the University of Charleston in West Virginia for a forum on the future of coal and the case for carbon capture and storage. We were at the event, relaying some of the highlights live via twitter so that people across the nation could follow along and weigh in on the discussion. If you missed it, we’ve included the entire session below along with the Secretary’s power point presentation and some pictures from the event.

  1. The auditorium is filling up quickly as we await the arrival of Secretary Chu and Sen. Rockefeller. #CCS

  2. Secretary Chu taking the stage now, fresh from his trip to NETL in Morgantown, WV. #CCS

  3. Univ. of Charleston President Welch is in the process of delivering introductory remarks. #CCS

  4. Sen. Rockefeller on NETL: "A treasure for our state. It holds more for the future of coal than any place I can think of" #CCS

  5. Sen. Rockefeller: "The case must be made for a real solution and that's why we are here today" #CCS

  6. Sen. Rockefeller: West Virginia's Mountaineer Plant "first coal fired plant to capture and store CO2 emissions on site". #CCS

  7. Sen. Rockefeller: "People assume that China will do nothing, but they are overwhelmed with environmental problems." #CCS

  8. Secretary Chu is beginning his presentation now, illustrating his points with a PowerPoint.

  9. Sec. Chu: "Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 40%" #CCS

  10. Sec. Chu: "What's the prognosis? It depends on what the world does." If we limit, it will double. If we don't, it could quadruple. #CCS

  11. Sec. Chu: "China sees this as an economic opportunity. We should take note of that." #CCS

  12. Sec. Chu: IEA estimates that a third of our energy use will come from coal by 2030. How do we utilize that in a clean way? #CCS

  13. Sec. Chu: "Our goal is to begin commercial deployment of #CCS in 8-10 years"

  14. Sec. Chu: We are currently funding several approaches. Pre-Combustion, Post-Combustion and Oxycombustion. #CCS

  15. Sec. Chu: "We see this as an opportunity to develop technologies that can be exported all over the world." #CCS

  16. Sec. Chu: New tech allows you to take coal, liquefy it and put it into a car or plane as fuel and achieve lower emissions than oil. #CCS

  17. Sec. Chu: Nine large-volume tests set to take place through 2011.#CSS

  18. Sec. Chu: "Technology improves continuously. Once you get the thing going... scientists do remarkable things."

  19. Sec. Chu: "The country that is able to develop these new technologies quickly will be the country that will dominate" #CCS

  20. Sec. Chu: "Airplanes are now designed by computer", skip the prototype phase. Our energy tech needs to follow that. #CCS

  21. Sec. Chu: "Today we announced $40 Million dollars for carbon capture and storage simulation" at NETL, funded through the Recovery Act. #CCS

  22. Sec. Chu: "We are looking for game-changing technologies" The work being done by ARPA-E embodies this. #CCS

  23. Sec. Chu: ARPA-E working to develop a synthetic analogue of the enzyme used by red blood cells to capture CO2 in the human body. #CCS

  24. Sec. Chu: "Industry and government must work together to accelerate innovation" #CCS

  25. Sec. Chu: "The US has the opportunity to be the world leader on CCS, to ensure a clean future for coal and drive our future prosperity." #CCS

  26. Transitioning to the Q+A segment of the program now. First question revolves around the 1990 Clean Air Act and what lessons it holds. #CCS

  27. Sen. Rockefeller: To see progress, "people need to know the rules of the road." #CCS

  28. Sec. Chu: "Once you get engineers on a problem instead of lobbyists, miracles happen." Big applause. #CCS

  29. Chu: We have the intellectual capability and the innovation machine to lead and export, or we can import from the rest of the world. Our choice.

  30. Sen. Rockefeller: "We have no other alternative if we want to continue with coal." #CCS

  31. Sec. Chu: "The overall costs if you don't deal with this are going to be much, much higher - Just like water pollution" #CCS

  32. Moving into closing thoughts now -- Sen. Rockefeller: Clean Coal is "our greatest hope in West Virginia". #CCS

  33. Sec. Chu: As I scientist, I've been trained to think that "things that people believe to be impossible could be possible.”

  34. Sec. Chu: "We didn't invent the automobile, but we invented the assembly line." We were pioneers and it's "high time we got that back." #CCS

  35. Secretary Chu closes with this thought: "It's ours to lose... and so we shouldn't." #CCS

View Secretary Chu's PowerPoint presentation from the forum.