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ARPA-e's "PD Roadshow"

November 4, 2010 - 3:36pm


At the end of October, the Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (ARPA-E) Program Directors (PDs) launched the “PD Roadshow” – a series of day-long campus visits to top science and engineering schools. Meeting with university students and faculty, we will use this as an opportunity to exchange ideas with the next generation of energy innovators, and introduce ARPA-E’s role in advancing innovation. ARPA-E kicked off the tour with a visit to Cornell University on October 21.  

On each visit, PDs and an ARPA-E Fellow will share meals with students and staff, meet with university researchers and present a seminar on ARPA-E’s role in advancing energy innovation. Through lectures and Q&A sessions, they will explain how the agency was able to award more than $350 million in its first 15 months and highlight a number of the groundbreaking research projects being funded through the Recovery Act. To date, ARPA-E has funded 121 projects across the energy landscape, in areas such as renewable energy, biofuels, building efficiency, carbon capture and the electrification of transportation.
Want a chance to chat with ARPA-E PDs? Check the list of schools below and contact your department chair for more information.
Upcoming visits:

  • Stanford University – November 8
  • University of Michigan – December 1
  • Harvard University – December 15
  • California Institute of Technology – January 10

The PD Roadshow will continue to visit other top science and engineering schools in the coming months.

To learn more about future visits and the PDs, visit

Andy Oare is a New Media Specialist with the Office of Public Affairs.