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Mission and Vision


ARI is a DOE-wide effort to advance the beneficial reuse of its unique and diverse mix of assets, including land, facilities, infrastructure, equipment, technologies, natural resources and highly skilled workforce.  ARI promotes a more efficient business environment to encourage collaboration between public and private resources.  ARI efforts will maximize benefits to achieve energy and environmental goals as well as to stimulate and diversify regional economies impacted by changes to DOE sites and operations.  


In 2020, the DOE complex will be composed of about two dozen primary sites. Those sites are sufficient to meet DOE’s infrastructure requirements and include the following characteristics:

• Operations are conducted in a sustainable manner; facilities and transit are powered by clean energy; and major environmental remediation is complete.
• Site infrastructure is modern, adaptable, and efficient, and multiple federal agencies conduct operations in a seamless manner.
• Public–private partnerships thrive, and commercial entities are eager to invest in new opportunities.
• Local communities are connected to, and advocate for, the site, and site activities are a driving force behind regional development
This vision enables the continued success of our workers, local communities, and achievement of our strategic goals.