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Bridging Gaps

  1. Analysis to identify issues, best practices, and recommendations

  • Implementation of modernization, infrastructure planning, and sustainability efforts

  • Evaluation of planning practices to develop an adaptable method that considers revitalization and reuse

  • Analysis of issues with transfers at less than fair market value and recommendations for improvement

  • Evaluation of the Ten-Year (25-year) Site Plans for revitalization and strategic planning interests

  1. Tools to be incorporated into programmatic business models and processes

  • Best-practices guide for energy projects

  • Guidance and recommendations to improve the 10 CFR 770 process and less-than-fair-market-value transfers

  • Tools/checklist to evaluate assets for reuse as part of planning

  1. Communication tools to assist programs in telling their “good news” stories

  • Indicators of programs successfully incorporating ARI

  • DOE-wide report on successful property transfers

  • Web-based tools that offer a one-stop shop for ARI-relevant information