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Breaking Down Stovepipes

  1. Coordination with other DOE-wide teams and groups

  • An assigned liaison to DOE’s NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] Six Sigma Team

  • Coordination with the Facilities and Infrastructure Steering Committee: Ten-Year Site Plan requirements, streamlining processes for transferring facilities, work for others

  1. Communication across sites, programs, and communities to share lessons learned

  • Kansas City Office coordinating with Oak Ridge and the Office of Environmental Management on the Bannister Federal Complex disposal lessons learned

  • Office of Science sharing lessons on private industry opportunities to expand research capabilities at Oak Ridge and Brookhaven National Lab and on the use of opportunities offered by local government

  • Distribution of information such as legal opinions and guidance for third-party financing of projects

  • Lessons from the Offices of Legacy Management and Science on agreements to reuse assets while receiving in-kind benefits to DOE

  • Information sharing with stakeholders

  1. Facilitation of connections

  • Local and state governments working with the West Valley Demonstration Project site office and the Federal Energy Management Program on renewable energy

  • Kansas City and the National Nuclear Security Administration working with the U.S. General Services Administration regional and HQ offices on disposition of the Bannister Federal Complex